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Insecurity increases in Kundoz province

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2014)


A number of civil society activist and people of Kundoz province expressed concern over the insecurity situation in the province.
They urged the government to provide security in the province and said that if no solution found, there is the possibility that other parts of the Kundoz province comes under the control of the armed oppositions.
Muhammad Nabi Zada, civil society activist said that the security of Kundoz get worse day by day and the senior officials do not pay serious attention to this issue.
Nabi Zada is said to consider the poor management, lack of political management and incompetence of authorities are the reason for insecurity in the province.
He urged the president to change the local officials of the province that the security situation gets better.
Sarwar Hussaini, Kundoz police commander in reaction to people’s complaints said that police are always trying to provide the security of this province.
According to officials, insecurity has increased remarkably in Kundoz province and Taliban have recently captured the important parts of this province.



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