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Insecurity increases as Afghans have no defense minister

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2015)


A number of Parliament members said that the expansion of war and security vacuum in the country is because Afghanistan still does not have a defense minister.

They noted that the existence differences between President Ghani and chief of executive officer Abdullah Abdullah caused the announcement of defense ministerial nominee to Parliament delay.

“The war and insecurity increases as we have no defense minister. We call on government to soon announce the defense ministerial nominee to the Wolesi Jirga for votes of confidence,” Nazir Ahamd Ahmad Zai, second deputy speaker of Wolesi Jirga said.

Simultaneously with the beginning of spring season, the bloody conflicts between Afghan troops and terrorists renewed.

According to Guardian, a Taliban fighter who has met several of their commanders said Foreign fighters who claim allegiance to Islamic State are gathering dozens of recruits in eastern Afghanistan, luring would-be jihadis with generous resources and the group’s powerful brand.

“This is something new in the market,” said the commander, who is based in Ghazni province, south-west of Kabul. “They think Isis is strong compared with the Taliban, and can help them achieve their goals.”

He agreed to the interview because of his concerns about the new arrivals, particularly Isis’s support for sectarian violence, but spoke on condition of anonymity.

Isis said in January it had expanded its self-declared caliphate to “Khorasan”, a historical region that includes Afghanistan and parts of neighbouring countries.

President Ashraf Ghani has warned of the “terrible threat” from the group. “Daesh (Isis) is already sending advance guards to southern and western Afghanistan to test for vulnerabilities,” he told the US Houses of Congress earlier this year.

Taliban commanders reluctant to open up a second front while fighting the government, and well aware that their fighters have been impressed by Isis victories in the Middle East, are warily tolerating the new arrivals.

For their part the Isis leaders insist that they are fighting for a larger Khorasan and have no permanent ambitions in the area, despite rich mineral deposits there.

Meanwhile, Afghan military analysts are also believed that the lack of defense minister made the current war much difficult.

Afghanistan witnesses’ heavy conflicts in the current year, even the terrorist changed their fighting plans; earlier they have beheaded several Afghan soldiers in Badakhshan province.


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