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Insecurity affects tourism business in Bamyan: Hotel owner

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2016)


High security threats on Bamyan- Kabul highway has overshadow the tourism business, and it discouraged most of the tourists not to feel safe to visit Bamyan the cultural capital of SAARC.

Meanwhile hotel owners in Bamyan province have also expressed concerns over poor numbers of tourists visiting the following province, officials in Ministry of Interior Affairs confirmed the existence of threats on the highway of Kabul- Bamyan.

Ariana News reporter who visited Bamyan province has expressed his eyewitness while riding plane to Bamyan, he added this small plane is taking civilians ,due to high threats in Bamyan highway.

One of the Hotel owners Mr. Jawid Asghari said,” We are not doing good business here, even we can’t afford the $700 dollars we spent on daily business, and there are few number of the foreign guests in our hotel.”

From the other hand the images captured by the Ariana News unit while visiting the small town has captured a number of small shops where women are selling their handicraft industry.

Zahra said,” We do good in our business here, but still we want to speed up our selling products, and trying to find best markets in the province and even to the main cities of the country.”

Bamyan has been nominated by the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) as the cultural capital of SAARC and Band-i- Amir was named as the National Park for Afghanistan.

Mahmood the resident of Bamyan said,” Security inside the province is good, but still tourists are not interested to tour Bamyan province, adding that the income of the Band-i- Amir is 5000,00 annually which is nothing for the reconstruction of the National Park.”

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of Interior Affairs have confirmed that high threats still exist in Kabul- Bamyan highway.

Ministry of Interior Affairs Spokesman Sediq Sediqee said,” Unfortunately insecurity is still a threat on the highway of Kabul- Bamyan, this has discouraged the tourists to visit there, we are still trying to ensure security for the residents and tourists.”

Though Bamyan has been named as the cultural capital of SAARC, insecurity is still counted as main barrier for the tourists.

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