Initial agreement of Kabul, Islamabad smashes Taliban if not reconcile

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2016)


Officials in Afghanistan, Pakistan have agreed in initial steps that those Taliban who aren’t reconciling in Afghanistan peace talks process will come under military attack from all corners.

Some reliable sources told to Ariana News that Pakistan in the first peace session will demand some privileges from the Government of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile Afghan officials have stated that terrorist groups shouldn’t enforce conditions to begin peace talk’s process.

Part of the agreement which was made in between Pakistan and Afghanistan indicated that terrorist groups and insurgents either join peace talks or else they will be smashed by both military forces of Afghanistan Pakistan launching operations in Badamcha, Kashlakh where there insurgency centers are, the next step will be to zero the financial sources of Terrorism in Pakistan.

Afghan journalist Perviz Kawa said,” Taliban have been divided into two group,Taliban who are trying to join peace talks process and Taliban who aren’t willing to do so will be demolished after both countries Armies launch military operations.”

Pakistan has been asked once again to take particle steps on removing terrorism and insurgents and claim its honest stance.

President Ashraf Ghani spokesman Sayed Zafar Hashimi said,” Taliban shouldn’t have conditions and sit behind the negotiation table, negotiation groups should be recognized, we don’t want to waste our time.”

Recently officials in chief executive office have stated that Islamabad to provide a list of those Taliban who are willing to join Afghanistan peace talks process.

Chief executive Abdullah Abdullah said,” the quartet peace talk’s process in Islamabad will declare re beginning of the peace talks, and there will be two more sessions to be held in between USA, Afghanistan, and China.”

All conditions from both sides will be discussed in the following quartet session which will be held in between Afghanistan, USA, Pakistan and China in Islamabad.

Reported by Ahmad Farshad Saleh


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