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Influential circles in gov’t prevent electoral reforms

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2016)


The electoral observing institutions have said that there are some influential circles in government that prevent electoral reforms and cause the reform process to remain in disarray.

“The influential circles in the government have stalled the electoral reform process because they do not want to lose power,” said Jandad Spin Ghar, chairman of Afghanistan Election Foundation.

The electoral observing institutions have also declared that the lower house of parliament and the National Unity Government (NUG) have no willing to bring reforms in the electoral system and holding the elections.

This comes as that the Executive Office has also accepted this issue that some groups in government prevent electoral reforms.

“There are some individuals inside and outside the government that prevent electoral reforms but we should not forget that we would not held any election without reforms,” Mujibul Rahman Rahimi, CEO spokesman said.

However, the presidential palace once again stresses on its previous comment that the government is committed for brining reforms in the electoral system.

“The government is committed for brining reforms and President Ghani will soon take a decision regarding this issue,” Dawa Khan Mina Pal, President’s spokesman said.

Parliament representatives at the Lower House of Afghan parliament (Wolesi Jirga) have rejected President Ashraf Ghani’s decree on amendment of the country’s electoral law for a second time.

The MPs argued that based on the constitution, they had no right to amend the country’s electoral law as the MPs’ term has ended.

The constitution specifically bars MPs from amending electoral laws while it is the last working year of the incumbent representatives.

Afghanistan’s electoral reform process has been bogged down for months.

While the National Unity Government agreement called for the “immediate establishment” of an Electoral Reform Commission, it took the president five months just to sign the necessary decree.

President Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah, in the September 2014 agreement, agreed to electoral reforms “to ensure that future elections are credible.”

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