India to invest on Afghanistan’s infrastructure projects: Azimi

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2016)

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Officials in Ministry of Water and Energy have stated that India is willing to invest on Afghanistan infrastructure and implement some of the projects, saying efforts are underway to draw more International to invest in Afghanistan energy sector, now more facilities has been provided in the private sectors.

Ministry of Water and Energy Deputy  Eng, AbdulBaser  said,”  the last trip of the Minister of Water and Energy to India has been fruitful both India officials have promised to Afghan counterpart  that their Government is willing to continue to invest on some of the projects in Afghanistan’s infrastructure.”

Afghan investors have welcomed the recent act of Indian Government saying working with Indian companies will boost the economy and experiences.

Afghan trader Itabarkhan Zadran said,”  India has invested in Afghanistan, if the following promise is fulfilled, Afghan traders and investors will learn more experiences out of Indian companies implementing projects in Afghanistan’s infrastructures,”

Despite of efforts has been made on the energy sector in Afghanistan still Afghans face lack of energy, where it caused that every Afghan to earn low incomes.

Reported by Aslam Hejaab 

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