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Incomes increases up to 13 Billion Afghani: Officials in Ministry of Finance

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2014)


 Officials in Ministry of Finance has claimed that the incomes for the entire country has increased up to 13 Billion Afghani in the past three months, they have also hoped that by establishing of the new Government of National Unity the incomes will be increased more economy will boost.

Earlier Senate house of the parliament had summoned officials from Ministry of Finance for not paying the Governmental workers salaries and some other issues on the ongoing in development projects.

The Deputy policy of the Ministry of Finance Shafiq Qarizada said,” despite of the presidential election side effects on the economy of the country we have pushed our efforts forward not experience economy crisis,.”

He reported that only on month of September 2014 the income increased from 5 upto 8 Billion Afghani which indicates their capability to pay the salaries for the Governmental workers.

Earlier Officials in the Ministry of Finance has said that our incomes at the entire country through taxation for the current year is 71 billion Afghani based on the officials estimation chart the income is 58 billion Afghani which shows 11% of shortage in their foresight.


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