Implementation of Facilitation of Global Trade Agreement Can Resolve Business Challenges: ACCI

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2017)

2Officials in Ministry of Commerce and Industry said the implementation of the facilitation of global trade agreement can resolve investing problems, will decrease additional taxes in custom departments, and paves the way for further cooperation among the joint borders countries and it would create best platform for the implementation of modern technology in growing business.

Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry Mohammad Qurban Haqjo said, “The emphasis of the following agreement is to resolve all business barriers, speed up of growing trade, removing of additional taxes, and will pave the way for the custom departments to use a modern technology.”

Meanwhile officials in International chamber of commerce said the implementation of the following agreement the role of the private sector will be practically observed.

Head delegation of the International chamber of commerce Abdul Qadeer Bahman said, “Observing the private sector role within the agreement all the benefits of the agreement should be practically used and implemented.”

The Facilitation of Global Trade Agreement is multinational business system, it can increase the business deals of the world up to one trillion dollar, officials in Ministry of Commerce and Industry said efforts are underway to implement the articles of the agreement by coming year ahead, in order to see the implementation of the agreement Afghanistan should reform the laws, standardization of the business process, and raising the capacities.

Reported by: Lida Naizi

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