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MOUD Projects Under MPs Scrutiny

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2017)

Parlimant_final_ 17-4-2017-DARI -SOT.mpg_snapshot_01.13_[2017.04.17_19.18.39]A number of Parliament members say the Ministry of Urban Development does not have the capability to take the responsibility of the implementation of development projects and President’s order is contrary to the constitution.

The Afghan lawmakers say budget is a law itself and President has changed the budget contrary to the constitution and transferred organizational structure and budgetary issues of the projects to the ministry of urban development.

“President changed the budget and it is an illegal action. How the ministry of urban can take the responsibility and make it happen?” said Abdul Satar Khawasi, representative of Parwan.

Representative of Badakhshan, Fawzia Koofi also said, “Any amendment in budget should have been discussed in the parliament. Now there is not the capacity that a ministry can implement all projects in all across the country by itself. A serious decision should be taken regarding this issue.”

Meanwhile, ministers of urban, economy and deputy of finance minister were summoned to the lower house due to the recent decree of president on transferring the responsibility of projects to urban ministry.

The minister of Urban says the decision of President is very effective and transparent in earlier implementation of projects.

“President’s decision changed a complex process to an easy process and we can advance the projects with speed and transparency and I assure that the development projects will be implemented more than any other years in Afghanistan,” said Sayed Sadat Mansour Naderi, minister of Urban.

Abdul Satar Murad, minister of economy also said, “The projects have not been correctly implemented in the past 15 years and the government decision was taken based on this issue.”

Previously, the budgetary institutions had the responsibility of the implementation of the development projects and nearly six minister have been disqualified due to the lack of spending budget by the parliament last year.

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