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Impartial Member Backs Rahmani as Tensions Remain Unsolved

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2019)

As tensions remain unsolved, an impartial member of the special committee on Sunday said that the issue over the parliament speaker is considered final and the committee has endorsed Rahmani’s selection as the speaker based on the applicable rules and regulations.

“The problem was solved based on the law and procedures. I can say that Mr. Rahmani is the winner. Specific circles are trying to raise ethnic issues and create challenges,” said Ghulam Hussain Naseri, an impartial member of the 27-member committee.

MP Naseri added that some lawmakers do not want the problem to be solved as they are wishing to nominate themselves by holding another round of elections.

Meanwhile, a number of lawmakers criticized the ongoing situation, saying that specific circles have taken parliament hostage for their personal benefit.

“A parliament is a place where national issues should be discussed and solved but it has been taken as a hostage for specific purposes,” said Abdur Rahman Wardak, an MP from Wardak province.

“Today’s session ended with no result. An interim speaker is needed in order to control the sessions,” said Abdul Qayyum Sajadi, an MP from Ghazni province.

Some lawmakers emphasis that rising ethnic issues in the House hurts the dignity of the parliament and urges the two sides to end their tensions to save public trust on the National Assembly.

Tensions in the Afghan parliament erupted after MPs divided over the selection of Mir Rahman Rahmani as the House Speaker. Rahmani’s rival MP Kamal Naser Osuli rejected to accept the election result.

In the election, Rahmani secured 123 votes of the 244 votes cast while Osuli got 55 votes. The interim speaker of the House announced Rahmani as the winner.

Later on, tensions erupted between the supporters of the two sides. A 27-member committee was formed to resolve the issue between the two sides.

Majority of the committee members endorsed Rahmani’s selection as the Parliament Speaker but 11 members of the committee refused to accept the committee decision.

On the latest development, lawmakers close to Rahmani said the discussions have ended because Rahmani was elected as Parliament speaker by a majority of votes.

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