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Illegal Efforts Made to Change Electoral System On One Favor :IEC Head

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2014)


 Officials in Independent Election Commission have said,” a number of the Mps have been trying to do some illegal reforming on Election laws before the head of time.”

Head of IEC Ahmad Yousuf Nuristani stated that the movements made are based on the political purpose of some of the lawmakers in the house.

Based on the following articles 83 and 109 the lower house of the parliament cannot order on reforming or changes in Electoral law.

The article 109 indicates that the purpose for reformation of the Election law in the last year of lawmaking can’t be on the priority of the National council assembly.

IEC officials believed that the following efforts which have been made is the work of some of the lawmakers who have just been introduced with newcomer democracy.

IEC officials have hoped to see the parliamentary Election to be held on the determined date and time in case the Government supports it financially.

An issue which none of the International donors and Afghanistan Government have promised their supports yet.

IEC officials have urged that lawmakers willing to meet their private objectives by criticizing the Election system.

We believed that Mps in lower house of the parliament by making criticisms on Election system themselves break the law and cause chaos in ensuring peace and tranquility in the country.

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