Illegal appointment of employees with high salaries in MoCI

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2016)


Ariananews finds documents that indicate dozen employees of Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) have been illegally appointed with high salaries.

The documents show that super skill salaries were paid to dozen employees of MoCI without specification of their identity.

The another case, these documents pointed at is the creation of parallel office within the framework of the ministry.

The documents also revealed that the government resources were used for personal matters.

However, the deputy minister of commerce and industry rejects these documents while his signature has been seen in confirmation of the documents.

“We reject these documents but a delegation has been sent to the ministry for investigation,” said Mazmal Shinwari, deputy minister of MoCI.

Meanwhile, expressing ignorance, the spokesman of MoCI said a delegation from Presidential Palace come to the ministry for investigation.

“I still do not believe that the document is true, but the delegation of presidential palace will soon clear this issue,” said Musafer Quqandi, spokesman of MoCI.

This comes as that President Ghani has recently created an anti-corruption judicial center for punishing those involved in corruption.

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