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IEC’s New Method To Accelerate Data Transfer From Biometric Devices

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2019)

The Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC)  said on Friday that they are working on an alternative way to transfer data from biometric devices to IEC main server.

IEC commissioner, Rahima Zarifi said, “We have found out that low data transferring from biometric devices would keep us behind from the schedule, therefore we asked for help from German company of Dermalog.”

According to IEC, Dermalog  has recommended them to transfer data by putting memories of biometric devices directly into the computers.

Meanwhile, candidate agents consider the new process effective in rapid transferring of data, but stresses on the close monitoring of it.

“The process would accelerate data transferring but if any issue is raised regarding the security and integrity of it, we will not accept it,” said Mohammad Younus Nawandish, an observer of the Stability and Partnership electoral ticket led by Abdullah Abdullah.

Moreover, IEC has announced that data from over 23,000 biometric devices have been transferred to the main server and they are trying to announce the preliminary results on Oct. 19

“Although, we lost three days, we are still trying to announce the result on October 19,” said Habib-ul-Rahman Nang, the chief of IEC secretariat.

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