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IECC Officials Call Opening New Trail a Political Game

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2014)

IECC picOfficials in Independent Election Complain Commission IECC have urged that opening new trail against the members of following committee is a political game which is being played.

Head of the IECC Abdul Sitar Sadat said, “Joining of the failed Presidential candidate within the Government Power has encouraged the provincial council members who could not make to protest and take the advantages of the situation.”

After the IEC, IECC have decided to released the results of the Provincial council candidates a number of the Provincial council members could not make it have began to protest and condemned both IEC,IECC officials for taking bribe.

This issue even was heard by the presidential palace officials who have demanded the attorney General office to pursue it.

Following Officials have reported that a special committee will be established to find the challenges and root it up they have also claimed that political groups are behind this issues trying to be benefited from the current situation.

IECC,IEC officials have released the final results for the provincial council candidates early last month, there will be no change within the list at all.

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