IECC Assigned Committee Drops 25 Names from Candidates’ List

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

The assigned committee of the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) for investigation of possible links of some candidates with illegal armed groups has dropped 25 names from the parliamentary election candidates’ list.

The committee on Friday said that it ended its task on Thursday night after addressing 230 electoral complaints.

The committee noted that 37 other possible candidates received warring of being removed from the final if they were proved to have links with irresponsible gunmen.

However, It was not the final stage of the electoral complaints processing. The candidates who have been dropped from the list could object the issue to the IECC within next two days and thereafter, the IECC is expected to make a final call on the candidates’ list.

“The list which has been investigated by the assigned committee is not final. The final list that could determine how many candidates have been  removed will be announced by the electoral complaints commission,” said the IECC Spokesman Ali Reza Rohani.

 The investigative committee of the commission has done a portion of the work in addressing the electoral complaints against the possible candidates. The other major part of the complaints – in which some of the candidates might excluded or added again in the final list –  has been probed by the IECC itself.

Following the matter, some electoral observers criticized the move to drop 25 names from the list of candidates for parliamentary, saying there were some candidates that should have been also removed and that the investigation committee has failed to address this. 

“A lot of individuals should be removed from the list,” said Shinwari a member of TEFA.

This comes as the electoral commissions have not announced yet the names of possible candidates who have been removed from the list.

Reported by Bayes Hayat, Edited by Shakib Mahmud

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