IEC warns officials involved in electoral fraud

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2014)

electionIndependent Election Commission (IEC) has asked the Government to dismiss officials involved in electoral fraud before their names are revealed.
IEC Head, Muhammad Yousif Nuristani emphasized that all high ranking officials like Governors, Security Commanders, Municipality leaders and other Government officials who were involved in cases of electoral fraud should be dismissed.
The IEC has said that efforts are being made to ensure issues faced during the first round of election are not repeated. Security agencies have also been asked to ensure fool proof and reliable security cover.
Officials of the IEC have urged the observing institutions and both Presidential contenders to ensure a free and fair second round of election.
The Electoral Commission also said that they would like to see the participation of women increase to 50 percent and would ensure all facilities required to enable this are provided.

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