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IEC Warns Gov’t to Finalize Election Costs’ List

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2017)

Afghan-parliamentary-electionsThe Independent Election Commission (IEC) warns the government to finalize the suggested drafts about electoral zones and use of new technology in the upcoming elections.

IEC says if the government does not finalize the election costs, holding the parliamentary and provincial council elections will be impossible in the current year.

Spokesman of IEC, Gula Jan Abdul Badi Sayad said, “the government has not taken any decision about the costs of election so far and the international commitments were just words. If the problems not solved by the end of the month, we cannot hold election in the current year.”

The election commission earlier said it had shared a list of expenses with the government to hold long-delayed parliamentary and district council elections.

The United Nations does not know about holding the election in the current year or next year.

However, Presidential Palace once again committed to hold the elections in the current year.

President’s spokesman, Dawa Khan Mina Pal said, “the government has a strong will to hold the elections and had nearly 10 meetings with the donor countries. All evaluations have been completed by the security and financial committees and the government is committed to hold the elections this year.”

Frustrated international donors decided to cut short a multi-million-dollar project to fund electoral bodies last year because of the delays setting a date for the vote.

The Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) has estimated that the parliamentary elections will cost up to $200 million.

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