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IEC Urges Gov’t Not to Replace Governors as Elections Edging Closer

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2018)

 The Independent Election Commission (IEC) says the government should not replace the provincial governors, insisting that the move can be described as manipulation in elections.  

“We urge the Directorate of Local Governance not to replace the governors, particularly, in the last three months before the election date, as it can an indication of manipulation in elections,” said Rafiullah Bedar, a commissioner of IEC.

Meanwhile, IEC Operational Deputy Chief Wasima Badghisi, said the commission is set to finalize the voters’ list for the upcoming parliamentary and district council elections which will ensure transparency of the election.

According to Badghisi, the elections will be held using the current national identity card (Tazkera).

The election commission also warned that if the government does not support the process, the commission will fail to hold a transparent election.

“It is a national process and it the election commission can’t hold a transparent election without the support of government institutions,” the IEC Chairman Abdulbadi Sayad said.

However, the Interior and Defense ministries said they will use every possible option to ensure the security of election.

This comes as the government recently replaced several provincial governors including in Samangan, Logar, Parwan and Farah provinces, followed by six district governors in western Herat province.

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