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IEC Unveils New Biometric System

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has received about 4,000 biometric devices ahead of the parliamentary election scheduled to be held next month.

IEC officials noted that an additional 18,000 units will be delivered within the next 10 days.

“After President’s decree, all programs related to the election in these devices are the responsibility of IEC. No other organs can access these devices and we are only responsible for them,” Ahmad Jawid Rasouli, General Director of the Central Statistics Bureau said.

The biometric technology aims to prevent fraud and irregularities in the upcoming elections.

“It has a very simple usage, and we want to teach this method very shortly and leave it to election officials for the Election Day,” Sayed Hafiz Hashemi, a member of IEC asserted.

The IEC members begin the electoral process with the monitoring of electoral observing institutions.

The devices will scan two fingerprints, face and national identity paper of the voter, stores data and prints a unique code.

“The system will be sent to provinces in a short time by a special team. We are trying to show the transparent process of the election,” Mazullah Dawlati, deputy of IEC added.

Meanwhile, the political parties who were invited for the distribution of the biometric system seem to be satisfied.

“The only question that remains is that when and how the registered individuals to this system will be known? We hope to take our response in the upcoming days,” Noor Rahman Akhlaqi, a member of Jamiat Islami party said.

This comes as the IEC has warned that anyone trying to vote for a second time on Election Day will be arrested and prosecuted as this would be a crime.

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