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IEC, UNAMA to Hold Joint Meeting with Campaign Teams

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2019)

The Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan and UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) will jointly hold a meeting on Sunday to address candidate’s concerns, an IEC official said.

“We will hold a meeting to break the election stalemate, so that we can proceed with vote recount in the remaining provinces and announce election results,” said Aziz Ibrahimi, a spokesperson for IEC.

However, the Stability and Convergence ticket by CE Abdullah Abdullah said it opposes the agenda of the meeting and asks IEC to reach an agreement with candidates on this issues.

According them, IEC has asked campaign teams to send three questions before the session and they will address them; a task, Abdullah’s team consider as inefficient.

“We asked them to hold pre-meetings to discuss and agree on the agenda and format of the main meeting,” said Noor Rahman Khaliqi, a senior member of Abdullah’s ticket.

This comes as several candidates including CE Abdullah, former spy chief Nabil and Hekmatyar boycotted the vote recounting process.

They are mainly asking for invalidation of 300,000 controversial votes.

Abdulla’s supporters closed IEC’s offices in seven provinces as an effort to stop vote recount and protests are ongoing in several provinces.

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