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IEC to Use ‘Existing ID Cards’ in Upcoming Elections

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2017)

The Independent Election Commission ( IEC ) on Wednesday said the existing National Identity Card (Tazkera) would be used in the upcoming parliamentary and provincial councils elections.

The commission has previously suggested a biometric system to identify and register voters for the upcoming elections; however, the plan was being failed due to lack of budget.

Wasima Badghisi , the operational Deputy of IEC said that the decision to use the existing ID cards in the next year’s elections was taken after discussing the issue with political parties and civil society organizations.

The registration process of the voters will be started in March 2018 and Population Registration Department is expected to distribute the ID cards to 10 million eligible people.

“In the process of this method, transparency and justice are being considered in order to prevent any kind of deception [in elections],” said Guljan Abdul Badi Sayad, Spokesman for the IEC.

However, the observers believe the plan will have a negative impact on transparency of the elections.

“This plan is really challenging; it has many gaps and we hope the commission notice that, [the election commission] can’t be prepared for registration process from a time point of view,” Yusuf Rashid, the Executive Director of Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA).

Management crisis within the election commission and lack of voters’ list  are considered as major challenges for the upcoming  parliamentary and the provincial councils elections which are due to be held in less than eight months.

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