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IEC to reveal election results

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2020)

According to a member of the Independent Election Commission, political issues will not affect the technical and legal aspects of the election to pronounce the final results.

The special audit of the 300 conflicted votes in the central office of the IEC has come to an end. After the recounting of votes for 9 provinces, its report will be submitted to the leadership of the IEC.

Habib ur Rahman Nang, head of the IEC secretariat, says that once the votes of 298 voting centers in 9 provinces are recounted, it will be applied to the central system.

Nang says, “When the implementations are conducted, we are bound by law to submit the report to the administration of the commission – they are the decision-makers.”

Some members of the IEC say that the final results will be announced in 3 – 4 days post the recounting.

Hanif Danishyar, an IEC member, “Political issues will not affect the election at all. The election is a legal and technical process, and our job is to run it.”

On the other hand, the electoral team of ‘Stability and Convergence’ led by Abdullah Abdullah has warned the Independent Elections Commission noting that fraudulent votes are illegitimate and that they will not accept the result of it.

CE Abdullah says, “Only legitimate result of the election is acceptable for us. Any result that lacks legitimacy and transparency is unacceptable for us.”

During the two days of recounting the votes of 298 voting centers, and the audit of over 102,000 outdated votes and 137 suspicious votes, invigilators of the ‘Stability and Convergence’ as well as other electoral teams were not present.

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