IEC to Relocate Polling Stations from Houses to Public Places

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2017)

1The Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC) members have held consultative session with civil society institutions to talk about using the previous voting cards for allowing the voters to vote in the parliamentary and district council Elections, saying we review the 7000 polling stations condition and relocate the polling stations from private houses to public places where voters could access.

Chief of the IEC Najeebullah Ahmadzai said, “We have decision over 7000 polling stations to be assessed once again,as you all know that most of the polling stations are in private houses, efforts are underway to relocate the polling stations from private house into public places like schools, hospitals .”

The former Independent Election Commission chief Fazel Ahmad Manavi declared the efforts as killing of time and keep the Afghans busy with different issues.

He said, “I think it’s killing of time, and trying to keep the people entertained, dividing the polling stations into single seat is hard job for the current condition, and the pervious voting cards are clearly invalid.”

Simultaneously the Independent Election Complain Commission (IECC) members have held consultative meeting with civil society institutions on signing a memorandum of understanding.

Chief of Independent Election Complain Commission Abdul Aziz Ariaye said, “It’s clear that we are going towards reformation, the activities we will do is to do drafting, policy, regulations and some other legal documents from now onward, for that stage of work we need to have the civil society institutions to be our cooperator.”

Meanwhile some members at watchdogs and civil society activists have criticized the draft suggested by the Independent Election Commission on using the voting cards.

Free and Fair Foundation of Afghanistan Rahmatullah Salehi said, “Since we review the performances of the Independent Election Commission, the IEC has accomplished things contrary what the law says, it declares that the following commission is under the severe pressures.”

Civil society activist Mirza Mohammad Haqparast said, “We do not have to convert over country into a liberator, no need for implementation of the new system, we should reform the existed Election system in the country.”

Concerns are in raise that Afghans do not want to repeat the bitter experience committed in the past Presidential Election in Parliamentary and District council Election.

Reported by: Naweed Bahar

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