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IEC to Hold Parliamentary Election after Six Months: Nuristani

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2015)



Head of the Independent Election Commission IEC Ahmad Yousuf Nuristani said,” we are ready to hold the parliamentary Election in coming six months ahead.”

He told to Ariana News that we will release the timetable for the holding such Election after one week.

IEC Head Yusuf Nuristani expressed his re-action over establishing the electoral reformation committee saying if the transparent Election to be held without me I m ready to resign from my position.

Mr. Nuristani has demanded the Government to provide the budget for holding the parliamentary Election in the country.

IEC head Nuristani said,” Parliamentary Election should be held on its determined date we will announce it and it’s the Government to find the budget for it.”

CEO Abdullah Abdullah in his recent statements about the Election has said,” there should a general reformation within the Electoral system of Afghanistan.”

Its gives an idea that CEO Abdullah Abdullah seeks new faces within the Electoral system.

Head of the IEC Nuristani urged that National Unity Government have yet come to a conclusion on several things and I m sure the new commissioners will not do a good jobs.

IEC officials have determined the date for holding parliamentary Election on 22,04,2015 it will be clear that what kind of consolation will be given to the IEC officials on determining the second time table for the parliamentary Election.

Reported By Nasrat Parsa

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