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IEC Takes Actions Under Gov’t Instructions: NNF

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2018)

The chairman of New National Front (NNF) Anwarulhaq Ahadi claims that the Independent Election Commission (IEC) is working under government’s instructions and considerations.

According to Ahadi, IEC has no independence in using the biometric system and the decision was taken by the government.

“We call for transparency in the upcoming elections. The biometric technology should be introduced to the parties to satisfy us,” Ahadi said.

Using the biometric system in the upcoming elections was one of the main demands of political parties that have recently had a positive response by the election commission.

“Demanding to introduce the biometric system in the current condition is to confuse public minds and to make the electoral process questionable. It was the IEC’s decision, otherwise, no power can persuade and put pressures on the commission,” Hafizullah Hashemi, a member of IEC asserted.

Meanwhile, the former IEC secretary head, Imam Muhammad Warimach emphasized that IEC and political parties must seek the best means for the transparency in the Election Day, not in the wake of the controversy.

“Now is not the time for political parties to complain,” ‘Warimach added.

Analysts are said to believe that a number of political parties do not have any plan for holding the election and only want to create challenges with their criticisms and make a delay in holding the elections.

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