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IEC Sets Ground For Frauds: Political Parties

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2019)

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) provides the ground for frauds by its new decision, said the political parties in reaction to the privation of using biometrics in the upcoming election.

Recently, IEC announced that biometric will not be used in the upcoming election.

The political parties accused IEC of being influenced by the government in making the decision to not use the biometric system in the election.

 A number of politicians saw this decision illegal.

“They do not pay attention to the appeals of political parties and civil society,” said Yasin Habib the chief of Afghanistan’s Political Parties Coalition.

The public’s belief is that IEC has no independence and is planning for a fraudulent election.

Therefore, the trust of people to IEC and the election process has reduced.

Hamayoun Jareer, the spokesperson for the Islamic political party, said that the political parties do not accept an election without the biometric technology being used in it.

The National Unity Government leaders vowed to hold an election based on the biometric system while selecting the new members of election commissions.

Yet, the recent decision made by IEC is in contrast to what was promised earlier.

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