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IEC Says Parliamentary Election Won’t be Held This Year

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2017)

Upcoming Afghan parliamentary and provincial council elections unlikely to be held this year, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) said Friday.

The head of IEC Secretariat, Imam Mohammad Warimach said due to lack of timely budget pledged by the government and international community, the commission would not be able to hold the elections in ongoing year.

“We lost a lot of time, based on our technical assessments, we don’t have enough time to hold the elections in current year,” Warimach said.

Insecurity and escalation of conflict across the country are considered to be major challenges in front of the elections, according to election observers.   

The head of IEC said that government’s failure to set up the elections this year, will outline poor leadership of National Unity Government (NUG).  He urged NUG leaders to end the rifts and work together for ensuring security in the country.

“The differences of opinion among the leaders in power have caused the anti-government elements to get strengthened which is going to be very dangerous for Afghanistan,” Warimach warned.   

 Despite successive call, the Presidential Palace refused to make comments in that regard.  

According to the constitution, the parliamentary and provincial council elections should have been held two years ago, but the elections observers have said that the reluctance of government leaders have caused the process to be delayed and allowed the parliament members to continue illegitimately.

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