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IEC Restarts Vote Audit Process

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2014)


Independent Election Commission IEC has begun auditing the votes cast in Presidential run-off election without the presence of the Abdullah Abdullah observers.

IEC officials have said,” we have been waiting to have the presence of the Abdullah Abdullah supervisors till 02:00 Pm today but none of his campaigners have attended the process.”

Head of IEC Ahmad Usuf Nuristani said,” the Abdullah Abdullah campaigners have enforced their remarks over the UNAMA based office in Kabul it seems that UNAMA wasn’t interested to interfere in the Afghanistan Presidential Election.”

However the United Nation Organization deputy special envoy for Afghanistan said,” the Afghanistan Presidential Election Process is being monitored under the supervision of the International supervisors.”

Head of IEC Mr. Nuristani urged that there will be no more delays auditing the vote’s process.

Independent Election Commission IEC officials have insisted that all the standards to meet our goals are ready to audit the votes there is no excuse will be there for any party not to attend the process.




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