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IEC Officials to Release Final Election Results on Sunday

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2014)

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Based on the final decision made by the Independent Election Complain Commission IECC Officials the Independent Election Commission Officials will release the final results for the second round of the Presidential Election on Sunday (Tomorrow) said the senior commissioner for IEC Aziz Ahmad Bakhatyar.

Afghanistan long Election story has been unprecedented in the History of Elections in the World which took several months.

Independent Election Commission IEC officials have also hoped that by releasing the final results for the second round the presidential Election the political agreements among the two candidates have already been solved and nothing remains.

Despite of all challenges  through the whole Election process the IEC has determined the date for releasing of the results for the second round of the presidential Election based on the documents received from the IECC.

This after one of the envoys for Britain in Security Council of the United Nations had demanded the council members to send a message and have both Afghan presidential candidates to agree on establishing the National Unity Government in Afghanistan.

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