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IEC Officials Announces Delays on Holding Parliamentary Election

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2014)

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Independent Election Commission Officials have reported delays on holding the Parliamentary Election in the country.

They have addressed the major challenge for the delaying is that the Afghan Governmental officials and International community have yet to announce their supports.

The IEC commissioner Sareer Ahmad Barmak said, “there is no news on registration process of the parliamentary and district councils, he also addressed that we should have began registration process of parliamentary and District council members early last month.”

He also said,” Holding the Election in the country closely related to the International supports but International Community now focusing on the political relationships with Afghanistan.”

According to the Election calendar in Afghanistan the parliamentary and district council Election will be held next year on April.

This comes after the Monitoring institutions on Elections in Afghanistan have said if there are no fundamental reformations to be made in Election system the upcoming Election processes will be a game and wasting of times.

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