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IEC Office Remains Closed in Kabul, Meetings Take Place at Chairman’s House

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2018)

The members of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) are holding their official meetings in the house of the commission’s chairman, following the closure of the IEC main office in Kabul.

It has been about two weeks since the closure of the IEC offices by supporters of disqualified Wolesi Jirga candidates in the capital Kabul and some other provinces.

Sayed Hafiz Hashimi, a commissioner of the IEC told Ariana News on Friday that they are holding official meetings at the house of commission’s chairman Abdulbadi Sayyad.

He said even the plan of ballot papers has been approved in Sayyad’s house and that the ballot papers have been sent to UNAMA office for printing cause.

“On that place [House of IEC Chairman], we have signed the ballot papers which was an important and difficult issue,” Hashimi said.

The closure of IEC offices has challenged the schedule of the upcoming parliamentary and district council elections which are set to be held in October 20, followed by presidential elections in April 20 next year.

On the other hand,  the issue has also challenged the appointing process of provincial commissioners and halted the voters’ list to be announced on time.

“The security forces have promised us to open our offices at the end of this week, and will remove the sit-in tents,” Hashimi said.

This comes after dozens of supporters of disqualified candidates have closed the IEC office in Kabul and some other provinces in protest to Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC)’s decision. They wanted the panel to reverse the decision.

The protest was organized by supporters of disqualified Wolesi Jirga candidates including Mawlavi Tarakhel Mohammadi, Qais Hassan, Ziaul Haq Amarkhel, Sher Ali Ahmadzai, Zardad Faryadi and Akbar Stanikzai.

The disqualified candidates complained that the IECC had not informed them before dropping their names from the final list.

“The IECC and IEC have challenged this process, they should have informed us,” said a disqualified candidate Mariam Koofi.

The IEC, however, said that the decision was final and that the ballot papers have been sent for printing, adding that the return of dropped candidates into the final list is impossible now.  

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