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IEC never accepts reforms purposed for personal interests

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2015)


Members in independent election commission (IEC) said to accept changes in electoral system according to state law but they will never accept reforms purposed for personal interests.

Some of IEC members told to Ariananews that the election commission has been successful in presidential election.

They are said to believe that with the given security and economic situation the presidential election and provincial council election were held better than the previous years.

Gulalay Achak Zai, IEC commissioner said, “According to the current conditions, we have not failed in holding the election and we were also successful. But if government wants to bring reforms purposed for personal interest once again that would not be acceptable.”

IEC members are also said to consider the lack of electronic ID cards another challenge for IEC.

After the formation of national unity government, the executive office has repeatedly stressed on reforming the electoral bodies. But nearly four months passed since the formation of new government still no reforms have seen in the electoral system.

In the meantime, the executive office was said to consider bringing reforms in electoral system and changing the independent election commission (IEC) frame mandatory.

Earlier, Deputy Spokesman of the executive office warned that no election will be held in the country, as long as the fundamental reforms are not entered to the electoral system.

Meanwhile, some of representatives in Wolesi Jirga said that if leaders of national unity government bring changes in determining individuals, the Parliament may probably divided into two groups and people stuck in bigger electoral problems.

Abdul Qader Zazai Watan Dust, Wolesi Jirga member said, “First the electoral system should change then professionals must determine. If the government suddenly bring changes, the Parliament of the country will divided 50-50 same as national unity government.”

Previously, The European Union (EU) has also warned that EU will cut its monitoring and aids to Afghanistan election if fundamental changes and reforms are not entered to electoral system.


Reported by Nematullah Ahmadi

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