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IEC: Holding Upcoming Election Depends on Budget, Usage of New Technology

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2017)

345345435The Independent Election Commission (IEC) officials say holding the upcoming parliamentary election depends on budget and the usage of new technology.

The head of IEC Secretariat, Imam Mohammad Warimach said the election commissions are attempting to implement the plan of using new technology, despite it faces many challenges.

Warimach said: “We will present our final plan in terms of using technology [in the election] to the government tomorrow; thereafter, how much development can be brought to the election process, remains to be seen.”

Following the matter, some election observers believe the government makes political use of the election issue.   

Director of Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA), Mohammad Nayeem Ayubzada said: “We didn’t see practical steps of the government to have strong determination for holding the election yet. Government politically maneuvering the election issue.”

The election observers emphasize on implementation of biometric registration of voters plan for bringing transparency in upcoming election.

This comes as IEC is yet to announce a specific date for holding parliamentary election. Earlier, the government officials stressed the election will be held this year.

Reported by Qiam Noori, Edited by Shakib Mahmud 

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