IEC Faces Criticisms Over Weak Role of Religious Scholars in Election Process

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2018)

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has faced harsh criticisms for the weak role of religious scholars in the election process.

The religious scholars emphasized that IEC should not use them instrumentally and demonstratively with holding a number of meetings.

“The meetings should have been held earlier and asked religious scholars’ opinions regarding the election,” Abdul Qader Qanet, religious scholar said.

Another scholar, Imamuddin added, “They ask for religious scholars’ opinions after everything is done and finished.”

Meanwhile, the chairman of IEC, Abdul Basi Sayad accepts that the election commission has a bad name among people.

Sayad stressed on the role of religious scholars that will be valuable in the participation of people in the election day.

“About 2500 candidates nominated for the election and 250 of them will win. Those who will fail in the process say the election had fraud and irregularities,” Sayad added.

Afghanistan’s parliamentary election is slated for October 20, with 2,565 candidates vying for seats in the 249-member chamber, including 417 female candidates.

Preparations for the ballot, which is more than three years late, have been in turmoil for months and there has been speculation about whether the vote would take place.

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