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IEC Delays Afghanistan’s Presidential Election Until July 20

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2018)

Afghanistan’s presidential election has been delayed until July 20, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced on Sunday.

The presidential election which was originally scheduled for April 20, was delayed after problems raised in using a biometric system and finalizing results of Afghan parliamentary elections.

According to the IEC Chief Abdul Badi Sayyad, the provincial and district council elections, as well as a previously postponed parliamentary election in Ghazni province, will be held on the same day in July.

The announcement comes after reports emerged that the Afghan presidential election may delay until a peace deal with the Taliban insurgent group.

Meanwhile, the IEC announced the initial parliamentary election results for Paktia province.

Five candidates, including Mohammad Nawab Mangal, Mohammad Ibrahim Ghashtali, Yarbaz Khan Hamidi, Syed Hassan Gardezi, and Razia Sadat Mangal have secured the Paktia seats in the Lower House of the Parliament, the IEC Chief Abdul Badi Sayyad said on Sunday.

In addition, Sayyad said the election results for Kabul and Baghlan provinces will be announced after the vote counting and inspections finalized.

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