IEC Confirms Cyberattacks on Its Main Server

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2019)

A member of Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission (IEC) said on Thursday that the cyber-security of IEC’s data center has been enhanced in order to counter any threat of cyber-attacks.

Mohammad Hanif Danishyar, a member of the IEC told Ariana News that two German experts from Dermalog, a German company, have arrived in Kabul to resolve the problem of low data transferring from biometric devices to main server.

He also confirmed cyber-attacks on IEC main server.

“Our server is the main thing in elections. We have taken special measures to avoid any possible threats. Even there was such attempts but experts have arrived. We want to make sure that the security of our server is not decreasing again,” Mr. Danishyar said.

In addition, officials said that around 23,000 result sheets and a complete data of voters from 5,000 biometric devices have been transferred to the IEC main server in Kabul.

However, the operational and technical chief of IEC secretariat rejected report of any cyber-attack on IEC main server.

“There is no evidence of cyber-attacks on our systems,” said Habib-ul-Rahman Nang, the chief of IEC secretariat.

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