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IEC Chairperson Apologizes for Violation of Timeline

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2019)

The preliminary result of Afghanistan’s presidential election was set to be announced on October 19 but it didn’t happen today due to technical problems.

The Chairperson of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) Hawa Alam Nuristani apologized to people for being unable to announce the results on time.

Speaking at a press conference late on Saturday evening, Ms. Nuristani said the announcement of the preliminary results postponed after technical issues raised with the transferring of voters data from biometric devices to the IEC main servers.

However, she did not give an exact date when the results will be announced.

In addition, the IEC Chief criticized agents of the presidential candidates for causing disruptions in the IEC main office during vote counting processes.

Despite Taliban’s repeated threats, the Afghan presidential election was held on September 28 across the country.

The final results is scheduled to be announced on November 7.

If none of the candidates win over 50 percent of votes in the first round, the two leading candidates will enter a runoff.

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