IEC Blames Government for Killing Time in Holding Elections

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2017)

CaptureIndependent Election Commission (IEC) says it will be impossible for them to hold the parliamentary election this year if the budget is not provided on time.

IEC said it will take its final decision on parliamentary and provincial councils elections next week.

“If the decision on providing the budget is not taken on time, there is less change to hold the elections this year and next week we are going to announce our final decision in regard,” said Head of IEC Secretariat, Imam Mohammad Warimach.

According to IEC, $220 million is expected to be provided by the Afghan government and donors for holding the parliamentary election.

The IEC official further said that escalation of conflict is threatening the elections, and blaming government for killing time in the process.

The Presidential Palace; however, said the government is committed to provide the expected budget of parliamentary election.

“Whenever they announce the elections’ timetable and specify the required funds, the government will provide it,” Acting Spokesman of President Ashraf Ghani’s Office, Shah Hussain Murtazawi said.

Following the issue, Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA) said not only government but IEC also reluctant to perform their duties.

“Holding the elections is sidelined and if the situation continues like it is, we will not see elections in 2018 as well,” said Chief Executive of FEFA, Yusuf Rashid.

This comes as based on President Ghani’s order, the Lower House of the Afghan Parliament has continued to act illegally since last two years. Earlier, the European Union and the donor countries also called for soon parliamentary election in Afghanistan.

By Fawad Nasiri and Shakib Mahmud 

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