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IEC Begins Reviewing Documents of Candidates for Upcoming Elections

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2018)

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) says it has begun reviewing documents of the candidates for upcoming parliamentary and district council elections.

Last week, the IEC has said that it has ended the voter registration process for the elections in the provincial cities.

According to IEC, since the beginning of the voter registration drive, more than six million voters have been registered including 4,327,860 male and 2,171,418 female voters.

In addition, the commission has registered 16216 individuals including possible candidates for parliamentary district council elections.

The IEC, meanwhile, said that it started the reviewing documents of the candidates for the elections after ending the registration process on June 12.

“The first condition is that whether they have national ID card or not; second is that they should not be convicted of any crime,” said Mazullah Dawlati, the deputy head of IEC.

 “The given forms to the candidates including health clearance form and resignation letter as well as their list of followers will be reviewed,” he said.

The election observers, however, expressed concerns regarding the documents reviewing process.

“Having a database for registering the codes of stickers is important. When these codes were not available, it will be very difficult to continue this [reviewing] process,” said Nayeem Ayoubzada, the head of TEFA.

This comes as the IEC has scheduled the parliamentary and district council elections on October 20, this year.

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