IEC accuses the NUG for violating Afghan Constitution

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2015)


Independent Election Commission (IEC) accuses the National Unity Government of Afghanistan for violating the Afghan Constitution.

Aziz Bakhtyari who is currently a commissioner of the IEC speaking with Ariana News says that IEC has enough financial sources to organize the upcoming Parliamentary elections, but the government is not willing to organize the elections based on the law.

IEC has not violated the law, we were ready to hold elections on 22nd of April, but the government was not willing so the government has violated the constitution,” Bakhtyari said.

Adding that International Community has announced that they are well prepared to provide IEC with the required $122 million, but the money will be paid on the condition of a political will by governmental leaders.

On the other hand a spokesman of the Chief Executive of Afghanistan reminds the disputed 2014 presidential elections.

Asif Ashna Deputy Spokesman of the CEO said,” Those who talks about the law from IEC needs to go back and review their own backgrounds”.

However; recently President Ghani issued a decree tasking a Special Commission led by Shokria Barakzai for fundamental reforms in electoral laws and electoral systems.

The Commission has not launched their activities yet, but the members have announced that they will begin their job soon.

Unfortunately both electoral commissions took 2014 elections into crisis which hugely defamed the values of democratic processes in Afghanistan; therefore, the special commission must work on reforming electoral systems,” Aziz Rafie a member of the special commission for reforms on electoral systems confessed.

Now the real question is that the current MPs working period will be ended in another three months and no one is authorized to extend their working periods other than peoples vote, then either the current MPs will continue working illegally or Afghanistan will have no lawmakers on Wolesi Jirga – The Lower House of Afghanistan?

Reported by: Nasrat Parsa

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