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IDP remains uncompleted due to insecurities: MoE

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2015)

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India’s Development Projects (IDP) have been stopped in Afghanistan border areas due to insecurities, the Ministry of Economics (MoE) said.

Acting minister of economics ministry, Hakim Khan Habibi said that development projects in provinces that borders Pakistan remained uncompleted about one and a half year.

Habibi noted that the projects are mostly in health, education, training and higher education sectors.

India is one of the biggest financial supporters for Afghanistan that assists Afghanistan in infrastructure sectors.

“The India’s development projects remained uncompleted are mostly due to security and technical problems.” Hakim Khan added.

However, ministry of interior affairs said that the ministry is able to provide the security of those areas but the ministry of economics has not issued any suggestion based on insecurity to them.

India has more than 200 economic and development projects in Afghanistan that its largest projects are Salma hydroelectric dam in Herat province and the Afghan parliament building in Kabul.

India has played an important role in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Afghanistan.

The cumulative level of committed Indian assistance to Afghanistan amounts to US$ 2 billion. For a country like India, which is not a traditional donor, this is a significant contribution.

Most of India’s development projects in Afghanistan can broadly be divided into four categories: Large infrastructure projects; humanitarian assistance; capacity building initiatives; and ‘Small Development Projects’.


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