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Husband arrested after killing wife in Takhar

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2015)

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As a result of family violence a 22 year old woman named Acha Gul was killed by her husband in Chaldraq village of Kalafgan district of Takhar province.

Officials confirmed the incident saying Muhammad Ibrahim husband of Acha Gul arrested on Wednesday.

Razm Ara Howash, head of women affairs department in Takhar said, “The 22 years old Acha Gul first was beaten by her husband then were transferred to hospital by police and passed away.”

Head of women affairs department in Takhar expressed concern over increase of recent violence in the province and said to consider the reason for these murders and violence lack of people’s awareness from women’s rights.

She urged the authorities to take serious consideration on the issue.

Haji Muhammad Aqa Dawood, security commander of Takhar province noted that they could arrest the victim’s husband.

This comes as a 14 years old girl were also kidnapped then raped by unidentified gunmen last week in the same district.

Violence against women has increased in northern Takhar province, where 180 cases were registered over the past four months, compared to 100 incidents during the same period last year.


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