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Hundreds staged rally demanding UN to stop Pakistan intervention

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2016)


Hundreds of Afghan have staged rally demanding United Nations Organization to stop Pakistan building military installation along the Durand line and accusing Inter-Services Intelligence ISI as war criminal institution.

The demonstrators have declared the International community specially USA to stop its aids for Pakistan.

One of the demonstrators recited the statement asking United Nations to stop Pakistan for building the military installations along the Durand line.

“Afghanistan is an independent country, we don’t want any invaders within this territory Ali Ahmad said,”

The demonstrators have also urged that we don’t recognize the Durand line officially, and Pakistan should stop testing Afghan’s patients, they have also accused ISI as war criminal institution asking United Nations to black list the following spying department.

We demand the Afghan Government and United Nation to stop Pakistan from its intervention, we do support our Afghan security forces by all means wali Mohammad the demonstrators said,”

Pakistan has been trying to build military installations along the Durand line since decades the following actions has caused that the mutual ties in between Kabul- Islamabad goes into its darken side.

Reported by Fawad Nassiri

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