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Hundreds of people in Kabul receive Bayat Foundation’s winter aid

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2020)

A large number of people in the west of Kabul city have received the winter aid packages of the Bayat Foundation.

The Foundation’s winter aid – food, blankets, winter clothing, coats – were dedicated to hundreds of vulnerable people in Dasht-e-Barchi area of the city.

Haji Mohammad Ismail, the deputy of the Bayat Foundation said that the foundation’s winter aid program will reach out to the needy people across the country.

“As our winter aid program continues in Kabul, we distributed food such as flour, cooking oil, rice, sugar, pea and beans and winter clothing like coats and blankets to the most vulnerable people in western part of Kabul city,” said Haji Ismail.

He also called on the rich and business men to contribute to assist the needy people in the country.

Meanwhile, the residents of Dasht-e-Barchi, who received the aid, appreciated the act and underscored that they have benefited the foundation’s aids every year.

Karimullah, who enjoyed the assistance said, “During the winters the foundation dedicates humanitarian aid to the needy and poor people in all provinces of Afghanistan.”

Bayat Foundation has been helping poor families in over Afghanistan for the past several years and it has also built dozens of schools, Hospitals, clinics in different provinces of Afghanistan.

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