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Human Trafficking increases in Afghanistan: IOM

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2015)

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Responsible for International Organization for migrants (IOM) have expressed their concerns over increasing of the human beings trafficking in Afghanistan.

The IOM envoy for Afghanistan has said,” illegal migrants and Human beings trafficking is increasing and this has drawn the attentions.”

Meanwhile Officials in Ministry of interior Affairs have urged that hundreds of Afghans have lost their life while being trafficked.

Increasing of human being trafficking and illegal migrants in Afghanistan has made the International Organization migrants to hold a joint seminar for Afghan police forces specially for Afghan border police forces to combat such dangerous treat.

Richard Figu the International Organization Migrants envoy in Afghanistan said,” human being trafficking and smuggling is being increased, this doesn’t belong to a Nation or territory all countries should tackle specially Afghanistan with its vulnerable deserts they all have to be protected either by land petrol or air.”

While the global scale of human trafficking is difficult to quantify precisely, as many as 800,000 people may be trafficked across international borders annually, with many more trafficked within the borders of their own countries.

Organized criminal groups are earning billions of dollars in profits from trafficking and exploiting people – many of whom are victims of severe human rights violations.

Trafficked persons are often victims to abuse such as rape, torture, debt bondage, unlawful confinement, and threats against their family or other persons close to them as well as other forms of physical, sexual and psychological violence.

The demand for cheap labour, sexual services and certain criminal activities are among the root causes of trafficking while a lack of opportunity, resources and social standing are other contributing factors.

MoI spokesman Sediq Sediqee said,” it’s a big crime against Human beings forced by the traffickers in the following deal hundreds of Afghans have lost their life dozens of human being traffickers were arrested and we will continue to our efforts.”

He added that Officials in Ministry of Interior Affairs have prepared necessary programs inside and outside the country to get the Afghan border police educated this will decrease Human being trafficking from Afghanistan.

Reported by Hamid Sediqee

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