Huge Social-Economy Differences Increased in Provinces: MoEC

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2016)

4The findings of the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan indicate that there are huge differences on social- economy in provinces of the country, amid Minister of Economy said Afghanistan will achieve a stable development incoming 15 years.

A report which was published by the Ministry of Economy and cooperation of World Bank, Central statistic office indicates the conditioning life of Afghans from 2013-2014 expressing huge social and economy differences.

In the report is written that poverty, inequality, none food security, condition of markets, unemployment, education process, gender equality and accessing to health care services were called as the main indicators.

Minister of Economy Abdul Satar Murad said, “The following report will enable us to provide a sophisticated policy to resolve all the differences within the country.”

The findings also encourage the Governmental officials to recognize the vulnerable gaps and achievements to launch effective plans and policy.

Meanwhile Kabul Deputy Mayor Mahbobullah Mohibi said, “The indicators which are marked in the report indicate the gaps, and remarkable points in provinces of Afghanistan on social and economy sections, it will direct the Government to do planning over the issues.”

The report was published where huge number of criticisms and concerns over unemployment and poverty is being expanded in the country.

Reported by Lida Naizi


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