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Huge Loss to occur if India hands off Hajigag Mine Excavation

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2015)


Officials in Ministry of commerce and industry of Afghanistan have expressed their deep concerns over India not excavating of Hajigag mine, saying by beginning of the excavation hundreds of Afghanistan will find jobs the economy of the country will boost, if the following indeed has been cancelled by the Indian Governmental officials we will face huge loss on mining section.

Ministry of commerce and industry spokesperson Musafir Qoqandi said,” if this is a true I m so worried about it because the following project has been counted as one of the vital projects of India within the country, excavation of the Hajigag mine would boost the economy as well as create hundreds jobs opportunities for Afghans.”

The cancelation of the Hajigag mine excavation is believed to be carried out due to signing of the Memorandum of Understanding over security and intelligence information in between NDS Kabul and ISI Pakistan.

India has been counted as the biggest supporters of Afghanistan after the United States of America in building Afghanistan; the following country has supported Afghanistan billions of dollars in the past several years.

India media has published reports indicating that India has taken this action after Kabul and Islamabad has signed a MoU on sharing intelligence, though it has not been officially claimed by the Indian Government, but Kabul experts on economy affairs said,” this would a big pound on Afghanistan’s economy, business.”

Former Economy Minister Mohammad Amin Farhang said,” beside of the project it will have some more Complementarities aside of it, the following project would cover biggest investments of India into Afghanistan, there is big concern ahead us is that India to stop all its economic and trading projects in Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile MoI spokesperson Sediq Sediqee said,” we have no security issues within our mining projects across the country,we have special security forces to ensure security for National and International excavators to do mining in Afghanistan,earlier its was said that India trying to stop its project on Hajigag mining due to insecurity a claim which was rejected by the MoI officials.”

Though Afghan officials do not think the Memorandum of Understanding on security issues with Pakistan has not been finalized, there are rumors more interest underway to sign the following MoU with Pakistan ,let’s see how Afghanistan keep its Foreign Police balance towards each neighboring countries.

Reported By Farahnaz Frotan

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