HRW concerns over ANSF- Taliban using Schools as shelters

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2016)


Officials in Human Rights Watch HRW have expressed concerns over Afghan security forces, Taliban and its affiliates using schools as shelters in the year of 2015.

Based on the reports published by United Nations Organization in the year 2015 Afghan security forces and Taliban have used schools as their shelters which has provoked the concerns of United Nations.

Human Rights Watch researcher Ahmad Shuja said,” the estimation indicates that Afghan security forces have used schools 15 times while Taliban have sheltered 5 times in the year of 2015, this will damage education system in Afghanistan.”

Further the officials in Human Rights Watch have demanded the Afghan Government to avoid its security forces using schools as the shelters in the country.

By the time spring comes schools start in Afghanistan and threats level also goes high in different parts of Afghanistan, where schools are the soft targets and are used as the shelters, this damages the education system in Afghanistan and deprived thousands of boys and girls not to be able to access education, Afghan Government is responsible to make sure that Afghan security forces do not use schools as the safe heaven while facing enemies HRW researcher Ahmad Shuja added.

Part of the report also indicates that hundreds of schools due to insecurity in different parts of Afghanistan are shut and it deprived thousands of boys and girls not access education.

Reported by Rafi Sediqee

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