HRC expresses concerns on violence in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2016)


Officials in Human Rights Committee HRC have expressed deep concerns over human rights condition in Afghanistan, saying based on the estimation received by the upper house of the parliament in 2015 2597 cases of violence has been registered, and the report also indicated that 183 of the cases were raped once.

A number of senators had criticized the performances of the Human rights committee against those male and female facing domestic problems.

Senator Daud Ghafari said,” human rights matters for both men and women, but some people thing that in most of the cases your office has caused a couple to be separated and divorced.”

Senator Rahmatullah Achkzai said,” members of the human rights committee are appointed by the intelligence departments of the region, they are contrary to our values, that’s why the numbers of divorced persons are increasing.”

Meanwhile officials in Human rights committee rejected the Afghan senators claims saying we have been working based on Afghanistan constitution and laws, cases were reviewed based on the code of conduct,our concerns are on increasing of civilian causalities.

Human rights committee commissioner Aseel said,” in 2015 more than 1642 were killed 3429 were injured in the war but the Government couldn’t arrest the perpetrators of the cases and the criminals to be trailed.”

Chief of regional of Human rights committee in Kabul Shams Ahmadzai said,” the major factors of the causalities were war, insecurity, and poor power of law.”

They have also expressed their concerns over the desert trials which are conducted in different provinces of Afghanistan, blaming the Afghanistan judicial and justice system for providing poor performances.

Reported by Abdul Aziz Karimi

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