HPC Warns Taliban Against Rejecting Ghani’s Peace Offer

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2018)

Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (HPC) on Monday warned the Taliban insurgent group against the consequences if the group rejects President Ashraf Ghani’s unprecedented peace proposal.

Sayed Ihsan Taheri, the HPC Spokesman, told Ariana News that if the Taliban group are not Afghans they should reject the peace offer. He said then the Council will refer to the people and seek new ways.

However, he said, “there are hopes that the negotiations will start soon”.

Last week, President Ghani offered unconditional peace talks to the Taliban. Recognizing the group as a legitimate political party and offering them an office in Kabul were among the suggestions to the insurgent group to end the 16-year war in the country.

But Taliban has not yet given any formal answer to Ghani’s invitation, made at Kabul Process conference.

At the same time, Dawlat Waziri, Spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Defense warns Taliban that they will be eliminated if the new peace offer rejected.

“We have conducted 65 military operations in the last 24 hours to suppress those who are against the progress and development in Afghanistan,” Waziri said.

Experts believe the militant group is ready for peace talks at the moment, but they are increasing military attacks to get more benefits at the table.

“Taliban’s procrastination to give a direct response and their state of uncertainty about government peace offer is a tool to pressure the government. The Taliban is trying their best to use any opportunity for getting more benefits,” said Shakib Muntazeri, a Kabul-based political analyst.

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